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Disabilities In The Workplace Explained

The number of complaints of discrimination on disabilities in the workplace is increasing day by day. While some individuals are discriminated on grounds of physical disability and end up requiring the hiring of a spinal cord injury attorney, others are discriminated for mental ailments. No matter the reason, the disability in the workplace law prohibits […]

How Americans With Disability Act Can Help Safeguard Your Rights

Are you physically, mentally or psychologically challenged or do you have one of your family members who is disabled? Are you wondering whether your rights are protected? The constitution of the United States guarantees the rights of disabilities in all its states. However, some states have enacted laws that provide more protection than their counterparts. […]

A Brief History Of The Evolution Of Disability Rights Movement

An estimated one billion people around the world have disabilities. Many of them face a range of barriers, whether it is to healthcare, education or other essential services. Reports of disabled people being subjected to discrimination and violence are also heard from different parts of the world. In several countries there is also stigma attached […]

Information About The American Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act (also known as the ADA) came into force in 1990. The ADA prohibits discrimination against those with disabilities who wish to access employment, accommodations, transportation and various programs and services. The Office of Disability Employment Policy offers publications and assistance to the public on the basic requirements of the federal […]

Personal Disabilities: Protection Against Discrimination In The Work Place

Overview Every person, with or without personal disabilities, is assured of a fair chance at a career of his/ her choice by the law. However, discrimination against people with disabilities occurs and goes unpunished if the involved victims lack the knowledge of the laws that ought to protect them. If a disabled person experiences discrimination […]